You Took the DNA Test – Now What?
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Today, many people who do genealogy are having their DNA tested through companies like Ancestry and FamilyTreeDNA.  But when they get the test results, they are usually confused and unsure about how to proceed.

This program will start off with a brief overview of DNA and how it is used in genealogy. The speakers will talk about the three types of DNA tests and the major companies that offer them.  A large portion of the program will deal with what to do with the results from a DNA test – how to go through them and identify relatives – close and distant – in the hope of gleaning more information about your family.

Retired CSU Librarian, Sandra Stratford has been pursuing genealogy for over thirty years and has been involved in the genealogical aspects of DNA testing for the last five years. Her focus will be FamilyTreeDNA test results.

Brian Schwartz, CSU Professor of Biology, is a geneticist, and genealogist.  With this background, he is able to explain the complicated picture of DNA in layman’s terms and apply it to genealogy. Brian will concentrate on’s DNA test.

Light refreshments will be served.  Free and open to the public.  Note that this program will last until about 5pm. Call 706-322-3175 for more information.

dna_smallWhen:         Saturday, August 19, 2017, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Where:        North Columbus Public Library
                     5689 Armour Road
Topic:          You Took the DNA Test – Now What?
Speakers:   Drs. Sandra Stratford and Brian Schwartz

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